Website Design

We build great websites

online-marketing-strategies-3We think a business website should be a 24-hour-a-day marketing tool that generates new customer leads and strategically grows your business the way you want it to.

It should never be a passive brochure showcasing your offline activities, but a sales tool that delivers a return on your investment and communicates your brand dynamically

It’s true that pretty much anyone can do a bit of website design these days. We like that. What makes us different is the way we go about it, and the marketing minds we bring to the table… right from the start of your project.

Here’s what we do:

  1. First, we research how potential customers and clients are using the internet to look for your exact services.
  2. Then, we design, build and populate your site in a way that will ensure these customers can find you, quickly and easily.
  3. Finally, we deliver top-level search engine optimisation to keep these new business connections coming. Every day. Every week. Every month.


We don’t just build it and run.

When you work with SAV-e-MARKETING we’ll take care of your entire online project — from devising initial marketing strategy to delivering staff training. You won’t need to supply your own images or content (like you do with most other developers; a major stumbling block for many small business owners). In fact, you don’t even need a proper logo.

Right from the beginning, we’ll do everything: Keyword research, domain registration, hosting, website design, writing, editing, graphics, optimisations, testing and security. And, unlike most developers, we’ll also set up all the analytics tools you need to monitor and manage your new online marketing tool after it’s built.

With extensive experience in journalism, copywriting, marketing, PR and branding, we make sure our websites include all these professional services as part of the project. With a SAV-e-MARKETING website, you’ll get expertly crafted content, cutting edge graphic design, professional art direction and branding advice. Oh, and of course a great-looking site that is ready to attract thousands of potential new customers.

We also skill you up.

Because we know you don’t have the time to learn a whole lot of new technical skills or systems, we’ll give you our professionally written DIY WordPress ebook that tells you everything you need to know about managing your site and how to make changes to it in the future. This means you’ll be a WordPress pro without even trying, and therefore not beholden to us or other tech guys to update your site in the future.

(Of course, if you’d rather us just do it for you, we’d be more than happy to help.)

We also give you a free copy of our Social Media For Small Business ebook, which shows you how to attract thousands more potential customers online for free (including a handy guide to all social media platforms and which ones will suit your services best).

Our specialty website design services:

  • Websites for small business.
  • Websites for organisations in regional and remote areas.
  • Personal websites.
  • Professional blog sites.
  • Big business / corporate websites.
  • Websites for doctors and health professionals.
  • Websites for publicly funded, government and NGOs.
  • Online shopping and e-commerce solutions.
  • Mobile sites.