SEO is the difference between having a website, and having a website that can actually grow your business online.

internet-marketing-for-small-businessStanding for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, SEO is just a fancy term for the various ways you can help search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) find your site amongst the millions of other web pages online.

Building your website according to sound SEO pricniples means that web users who are already searching for your product or service online are going to be able to find your site quickly and easily.

It also means that, instead of going out and finding new business, you can simply sit back and wait for it to come to you… straight through your online front door.

Organic Rankings

Rankings that you don’t pay for (via Google Adwords or Facebook advertising, for example) are usually called ‘organic or natural’. A high organic ranking is sought after because a website listed on page one of Google will receive a lot more visitors than a website listed on page five, for example. Therefore, by having a website that ranks on page one, you will have a much greater chance to connect with new customers and grow your business online.

It’s important to build a website with solid SEO practices in mind in the beginning, rather than building it first and then trying to optimise it later.

And ideally, once your site is built, an ongoing SEO service will help your site to achieve a first page ranking and then to keep it there for the long term.

We work with SEO experts…

SEO is a complex task. That’s why we work with Australia’s leading SEO professionals. Talk to us today to find out how they can get your website onto page 1 and help you grow your business.