Online Marketing For Small Business: 5 Tips

Online marketing for small business can be tough. Action these 5 top tips and your business will be more focused and on the path to success…

1) Define your target audience. You will be surprised how easy it is to focus your marketing, in fact focus all of your businesses processes, once you have a specific target customer in mind. Ask yourself these questions…

  • Who are they?
  • Where do they live?
  • Why do they need me?
  • How can I best communicate with them?
  • How would they search for the goods or services I provide? How can I make them happy?

2) Once you have determined who your target customer is, you can do everything specifically for them. Remember those catchy lyrics Brian Adams’ came up with, “Everything I do, I do it for you”. Well, that’s your new mantra. Bring it!

Think about how you can better tailor your products and services to meets the needs of this specific group of customers and then set about delivering on them. This doesn’t just apply to your online marketing for small business, but all interactions between you and your customers. Give them exactly what they want and they’ll love you for it and you will be able to create long lasting and very profitable relationships with them.

Remember, don’t be distracted by other tasks or ideas that don’t add value to your target audience.

3) Now that you know who you’re targeting and you have tailored your offerings to meet their specific needs, it’s time to think about how you can best reach them. One of the fastest ways to build and grow a small business is to attract new customers and clients. The majority of people now use the Internet to search for products or services. It’s therefore important to have a website.

If you don’t have a website, don’t be daunted. It does not have to be anything expensive or complicated. You simply need a well-designed and professional looking page that includes your business details and contact information. A contact form is also a good idea if the person would prefer to liaise with you via email or if they are wishing to make an inquiry outside of normal business hours.

Remember that existing customers will use this too when they’re searching for your contact details, referring their friends or checking what other goods and services you offer.

4) Great! You now have a website but is it optimised for your target keywords?

Keywords are at the heart of all Internet marketing strategies. So what are keywords? Put simply, keywords are the words and phrases we type into search engines (such as Google) every day when we’re looking for information.

For example, if I was looking for a Dentist in my area I would open Google and type in “Dentist Annandale”. In this example, “Dentist Annandale” is the keyword and the list of websites that appear below it will all contain information about this keyword.

Without getting too technical, we simply need to identify a list of words and phrases your potential customers are likely to be typing into Google. We then need to organise the content on your site so that it will appear in the list of results. Thus, connecting you with new clients and customers.

This is actually called SEO. Click here to read more about our specialist SEO service.

5) Our final top tip is to place a value on your time. The majority of our clients have come to us because they simply do not have the time to dedicate to their online marketing for small business. Those that do spend time on their marketing often do so at the detriment of other areas of their business.

Ask yourself… is this the best use of my time? How do I value my time? Most of our clients find that their time is more valuable than the cost of our services meaning they can afford to outsource the work and achieve better results in many aspects of their business.

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