How to: Set up a Google+ Local page

Welcome back to our popular ‘How to’ series of blog posts, where we take you through the most important online marketing strategies step-by-simple-step.

Because we cater especially for small business owners, many from regional areas and some born before 1970 (gasp!), we try not to include any assumed knowledge in these DIY marketing lessons.

So sit back, shrug off your online phobias, and learn something new.

Today’s lesson: How to set up Google+ Local

In our last post, we talked about how Google’s new search and social sharing platform, known as Google+, an be effectively used by small business to boost their online marketing efforts.

This is particularly the case for businesses with a physical shopfront or address, as it allows you to create a listing in the Local tab of the Google+ platform.

Here’s what to do. 

1. Create a new Google+ account (you can use the same logins as your gmail, if you use it) or log in to your existing one.

2. Click on the ‘Pages‘ icon on the menu to the left … 

3. Choose to ‘Create a page‘, and be sure to select the ‘Local business or place‘ category from the available options.

4. Enter your details, like the business name, contact phone number and street address, being sure to type everything correctly and in full. (NOTE: While you might be hesitant to list your full street address or phone number for public viewing here, it’s highly recommended that you do, as this will ultimately affect your visibility in search results. You should also ensure your address is written here exactly as you have it in any other locations, like your website.)

5. Once you’re happy with your information, click Submit.

6. Now you need to verify your listing… you have two options for this step: By postcard; or by phone. Both options will result in a PIN code being sent to you, along with instructions on how to activate your listing. Note your business won’t be visible until you complete this step.

Now what? 

You’ve successfully set up a new Google+ Local page for your business… so now what?

Like with any online listing or social media account, it’s a good idea to post regular updates, images and connections. This will help keep your page visible, so that more people can find you online.

Also try and include some keywords into your page, in description areas, new posts, and image titles. See our post on keywords for more tips on this.

And stay tuned for more DIY internet marketing tricks to come, where we’ll talk about further optimising your Google+ account and other social media platforms.

Happy marketing until then.


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